Working with the top suppliers in Canada, we offer hundreds of different wine kits. Our wine menu offers 4 week to 8 week kits, with many kits in between. Our job is to help you make the best choices for you by guiding you through the decisions. Great wines from $4 a bottle!

Let's say that you love Australian Shiraz. Your first decision was easy wasn't it? Your next decision is when you want to serve and enjoy the wine.

A 4 week kit is ready to bottle 4 weeks after you start the fermentation. Once bottled, it is ready to enjoy almost immediately but can be aged for up to a year.

By contrast, 8 week kits are ready to bottle 2 months after you start the fermentation. Once bottled, your Shiraz will be ready to enjoy 6 months to a year after bottling. The 8 week kits come with crushed grape skins [as do some 5 and 6 week kits]. Fermentation on skins adds complexity and depth to the wine, but also requires more time to mature.

Let's say that you have decided on a Shiraz for an event that you are hosting in 4 months time. An 8 week wine may not be the best choice as the wine will not be at its peak yet. We would probably recommend a high quality 5 week kit which will be ready to drink and still have a year or more cellaring potential. And if you are planning ahead for next Christmas, an 8 week wine may be the perfect choice! Or if you are planning a BBQ or camping trip, you may decide on a 4 week wine. We can even make it more convenient in convenient re-usable bags instead of bottles. Once you know the wine you like, we can help you select the best kit for your needs.

Wine Minimum Aging Maximum Aging
4 week White 1 month 18-20 months
4 week Red 2 months 2 years
6 week White 1-2 months 2 years
6 week Red 2 months 2 1/2 years
8 week White 3 months 2 1/2 years
8 week Red 6 months 3 years

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When your wine is ready to bottle, come back and enjoy our spacious bottling facility with its hydraulic corker and three automatic filling stations.

As a rule of thumb, expect to pay about half as much as you would at a liquor store for comparable quality. The difference is that you are making 30 bottles at a time, and because you are starting the fermentation and bottling the wine yourself, the applicable taxes are much lower than at the liquor store.


At the 2009 International Amateur Winemakers Competition, we won two silver medals: Ice wine and Rosso Grande Eccellente from RJ Spagnols [Winery Series]. And for our first time entering the competition, we were thrilled to win Best in Show for our White Chocolate Port.

Since then, we've won dozens of medals and another Best in Show.