Port, Icewine , Sippers, and More

Ports also come in 12 litre formats which produce roughly thirty 375 ml bottles Traditional Port is fortified with brandy to increase longevity and alcohol. We encourage adding 750 ml of inexpensive brandy just before bottling to get the best from your port. Try the Porto Corinto infused with black currant! Specialty ports do not need brandy and are available seasonally; White Chocolate, and Orange Chocolate. If you are interested in sharing a batch of port or Icewine, post your contact information on our share board at the brewery.

Icewine grapes are left on the vine until almost frozen, producing concentrated flavour and incredible sweetness. Icewines come in 12 litre formats which produce roughly thirty 375 ml bottles. Vidal, Cabernet Franc and Riesling, varietals available. Ready in 6 weeks, the wines are luscious, sweet and pure pleasure after a meal or around a campfire.

Ciders take 4 weeks and come in a range of flavours. Our favourite is CrossBow, a crisp English-style cider. Light, crisp, refreshing and not too sweet, it is perfect for summer. And ask about our Root Beer and Ginger Beers! Unique! Can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Perfect for summer!

Instead of traditional coolers which are high in sugar and low in alcohol, we offer Sippers. We start with a fruit infused wine like a Peach Chardonnay or Pear, and carbonate it like a cooler. Yummy for summer!