Our beer is grain-to-glass. We brew in small batches using traditional ingredients and our copper clad steam-heated kettles which allow gentle consistent brewing. Kits are available for take home brewing only. Because our beer is all natural, it needs to be kept refrigerated and should be consumed within three months of bottling.

We offer lagers, pilsners and a wide range of ales. And we'd love to customize the recipe to your specifications.

For example we can amend the recipe to add more body, deeper colour, or less. If you have a specific beer in mind, we can usually scout the recipe. It's all possible. Ask about our exclusive "design your own beer" events!

  • Grains add colour, mouthfeel and that yummy maltiness that makes beer the drink of the gods:

    • Chocolate - deeper roast, adds colour with toasted and smokey undertones
    • Crystal - light roast malted to release natural sugars, adds sweet nuttiness and gold/copper colour
    • Honey Malt- light and aromatic, malted to bring a mellow honey flavour without the extra sweetness
    • Munich - highly toasted, adds malty mouthfeel and deep amber colour
    • wheat, rice, corn or maybe other malted grains

    Some of our most recent creative offerings include:

    • Newton IPA- unique to SRBrewing , we've amped up the hops in our traditional IPA using Cascade and Northern Brewer hops.
    • Glacier- best seller in the lager category this season. Light but not a sissy beer.
    • Black Beauty - dark and light at the same time, great for all occasions
    • Honey Blonde - a lighter version of our Honey Brown with a hint of honey
    • Steinlager - a favourite of Kiwi's and Kiwi's at heart. Crisp and refreshing.

    Beer can be bottled or kegged. We carry traditional brown glass bottles as well as PET plastic. We also carry EZtop bottles and replacement gaskets for the purist. There are two bottling taps for your convenience.

    For home brewers, we offer the U-do kits which we bring in on demand to ensure freshness. Brewed locally in Port Kells in accordance with true Reinheitsgebot purity code.100% pure high gravity wort.